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001-015 Atonement
016-028 James McAvoy
029-043 Pirates of the Caribbean
044-054 Orlando Bloom
055-055 Elizabethtown
056-059 Sweeney Todd
060-060 Johnny Depp
061-062 Milo Ventimiglia
063-068 Rachel Bilson
069-100 Dawson's Creek Cast (Josh, Katie & Michelle)
101-114 QI quotes (contain some profanity)
Headers/Banners/Friends Only
06 Atonement
01 James McAvoy
02 Elizabethtown
01 Sweeney Todd
03 Dawson's Creek


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Dawson's Creek Re-Watch!

This is a community for Dawson's Creek fans to get together to rewatch the series and discuss the episodes and characters! We will also have general discussions and icons and graphics! [click the picture to join!]

- We will watch 2 episodes a week [schedule and days still to be determined]
- There will then be a discussion post where we can discuss the episode and the characters.
- Icons and Graphics are allowed
- General discussion about Dawson's Creek is allowed [info and news on the actors and so on]
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Do somebody know (or maybe have) Paul's songs
from "the safety of objects"?
I know that some Michal Cavadias wrote them, but I cant find them in the net...
Maybe you can help me about this?
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I've done a profile of sorts on the offscreen relationship between Josh Jackson and Katie Holmes. It can be found here. Feel free to comment (nicely) and tell me if I've made an error.

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