Shadows in the Sun DVD release!

We received word from the director of the film; Brad Mirman, that Shadows in the Sun will be coming to DVD in February.  The film is available for pre-order at and will be released on February 7, 2006.  This will be the full version of the film, which can only be seen on DVD.


The DVD features will include:

1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen

Original FULL version of the film (not seen on TV)

The Making of Shadows In The Sun - (narrated by Brad Mirman)

Behind the Scenes Clips

Interviews with Josh Jackson, Claire Forlani & Brad Mirman




Also, don't forget that Shadows in the Sun will debut tonight on ABC Family!


There will also be additional airings on the following dates:

* November 13th - 9:00 p.m. (tonight's encore presentation)

* November 14th - 8:00 p.m.

* November 19th - 10:00 p.m.


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Multifandom icon post

[31] Dawson’s Creek (16 Pacey/Joey, 3 Pacey, 1 Pacey/Will, 1 Will, 3 Will/Aunt Gwen, 1 Joey, 1 Jen, 1 Andie, 1 Mitch/Gail, 1 Group, 3 Dawson/ Pacey, 1 Pacey/Jen, 1 Joey/Charlie)
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[09] The Lion King (4 Simba, 2 Simba/Timon/Pumbaa, 1 Simba/Nala, 1 Timon/Pumbaa, 1 Sarabi)
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[48] Dawson's Creek (1 Group, 25 Pacey, 4 Joey, 5 Pacey/Joey, 1 Gretchen, 1 Jen/Grams, 1 Bessie, 5 Pacey/John Witter, 1 Pacey/Jen, 4 Pacey/Dawson)
[04] Mighty Ducks (1 Charlie/Connie, 1 Charlie, 1 Group, 1 Parody About “District Five”)
[05] Marguerite Moreau
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More...pimpage! <3

I know, I know...I just pimped out a community a few days ago, but bear with me! This is something different, and hopefully not against the rules anywhere either. XD

silenceis4ever and I started up, yes, that's right, a Dawson's Creek RPG!! So far, we're starting off in Season 2, and we've still got quite a few characters that still need filling. If you've never RP'd before, don't worry: we'll help teach you. It's tons of fun, and we've got a nice group so far. The list of taken and free characters can be found on the community info page. If you think of another character that isn't listed, feel free to suggest it to us. No one is perfect. :)

dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg dc_rpg

x-posted...well...everywhere. XD
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I hope this isn't against any rules. If it is, I can delete it. <3

Along with a few others, I've helped in creating yet another DC icontest. There's sometimes a tendency for communities to become a ship war, but there will be no worries of such things, as we've got all different ships amongst our mods. It's not exclusively PJ or PA or DJ or DJen, or even exclusively for ships. You don't have to be an icon maker to join - just a fan of Dawson's Creek. :) We hope to see you there!

_creek_stillnes _creek_stillnes _creek_stillnes _creek_stillnes _creek_stillnes _creek_stillnes _creek_stillnes _creek_stillnes _creek_stillnes _creek_stillnes _creek_stillnes _creek_stillnes

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[11] Mighty Ducks (4 Charlie, 1 Jesse, 1 Riley, 1 McGill/Larson/Coach Reilly, 1 Charlie/Fulton, 1 Charlie/Fulton/Varsity, 1 Guy, 1 Traci)
[23] Dawson's Creek (4 Pacey/Joey, 1 Pacey/My. Witter, 9 Pacey, 2 Pacey/Andie, 4 Joey, 2 Jen, 1 Pacey/Lady-From-The-Series-Finale)
[01] Joshua Jackson
[03] Think Geek icons (from t-shirts)
[01] Anne Hathaway
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Multifandom icon post

I was playing around with a new style for the Katie Holmes icons! :D Whee! Hope you like. <3

[9] Dawson's Creek (1 Pacey, 1 Pacey/Joey, 1 Pacey/Jen, 1 Tamara Jacobs, 1 Abbie, 1 Audrey, 1 Pacey/Andie, 1 Pacey/Dawson/Billy, 1 Joey)
[5] Mighty Ducks (1 Julie, 1 Scooter, 1 Charlie, 1 Luis, 1 Group)
[1] Meghan Ory
[8] Katie Holmes

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Comment/credit, please! :D
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